The construction company PEAB is the main contractor in a pipe renovation project in Munkkivuori, Helsinki. Dammega Oy, a company specialising in hazardous materials, is responsible for demolition work at the site. Choosing Dammega was easy as they had already proven to be reliable and skilled in previous joint projects.

The pipe renovation project in Ulvilantie, Helsinki, which is currently about halfway finished, has not been the smallest in terms of scale. The property comprises 470 residences in total as well as business premises. However, the project has progressed on schedule in terms of the demolition work carried out by Dammega Oy.

“There are almost always surprises with pipe renovations, but Dammega has been ready to help. They have had the resources to bring more manpower here when necessary, and the work is progressing smoothly”, says Site Manager Tiia Sorsa from PEAB.

Reliability of operation and staying on schedule are important in projects because delays also affect the subsequent steps of the project.

“There have been some additional demolitions, but schedules have not been drawn out thanks to Dammega’s good resource management. We can count on Dammega and their flexibility, and that is the most important thing”, PEAB Foreman Juho Vainikka adds.

Dammega facilitates the work of work management

Dammega performs asbestos removals, normal demolitions and protections related to pipe renovations as well as diamond drilling on the site. Both Vainikka and Sorsa have had previous experiences of Dammega as a partner. So the choice of operator for demolition work in this project was easy.

“Dammega is a contractor that specialises in hazardous materials and they have many years of experience in pipe renovations. It was easy to enter into a contract with them because they are familiar, reliable workers who we have had good experiences with over the years. Price, experience and reliability were combined in Dammega. The choice was easy”, Vainikka elaborates.

“Their professionalism is reflected in the fact that our site manager does not need to help them. It is also good that, in demolitions involving hazardous materials, documentation is submitted automatically and does not need to be requested separately. It makes my own work easier”, Sorsa adds.

Good resource management and reliability

The duo recommends Dammega for both larger and smaller projects.

“If the cooperation did not work as well as it does now, it would require more from our work management. That, in turn, would take time away from some other work or mean longer working days. They have good resource management and reliability, I strongly recommend them”, Sorsa summarises.

“Work goes well and we have gotten what we have ordered. They are a reliable and skilled operator, especially in projects involving hazardous materials”, Vainikka concludes.

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