Demolition Yard Recycling Plant
Meisselikatu 9
15700 Lahti

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 7-16

Sami Ora
Recycling Unit Director
p. +358 45 609 1440

p. +358 45 612 4866

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Demolition Yard Recycling Plant

We are currently receiving and processing waste in our Recycling Plant in the city of Lahti according to the following list:

  • Scrap metals including non-ferrous metals
  • wood
  • C & D waste
  • Concrete and bricks
  • Industrial waste (Packaging materials, plastics etc.)

We buy and sell Scrap metal of all kind.

Industrial- and C & D waste as well as wood is processed in our waste shredding plant. The end product is Re-usable Fuel (REF) for powerplants. Over 30.000 MWh of power can be generated from our end product per year. This is equivalent to the average power production of over 20 modern medium-sized windmills on an average year.

Concrete- and brick waste is processed into Demorock® aggregate in our Plant. We sell Demorock® to Infra construction projects in the Lahti region. The use of Demorock® aggregate helps to save over 150.000 tonnes of non-renewable natural bedrock per year.

In addition to recycling materials, we aim to re-use materials from demolition projects as much as possible. We systematically recycle the building materials in all of our demolition projects, and sell any re-usable building materials to companies or private individuals through the service. We sell glued laminated beams, sheet metal, steel pipes, steel beams, steel sheets, electrical motors, conveyors, and anything else that can be further utilised. Even in our own construction projects, we aim to use recycled materials as much as possible. For Example, The buildings at our Recycling Plant are constructed almost entirely from re-used materials.

We are happy to receive both small and large quantities of materials listed above at our Recycling Plant. We have a 24 meter-long weightbridge for trucks with a capasity for max. 54 tonnes weighting. We also have a floor scale for weighting of smaller quantities.

Join us in recycling – let’s join forces to reduce step by step the human ecological footprint.