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Machinery and Equipment

Carrying out different demolition contracts calls for multiple skills and a wide range of machinery and equipment. What is needed are demolition machines with power, capacity, speed, flexibility, perhaps several different sized excavators that work simultaneously, or remotely-controlled demolition machines that can enter small spaces – we have the right machinery and equipment for the job. Besides technical applicability, an important characteristic of a demolition excavator is multifunctionality, which allows different tools specifically designed for demolition to be fitted, such as with multiprocessors, where it is possible to change blades quickly depending on whether they are working with metal or concrete.

  • Liebherr R 956 LC 2014 excavator with all add-ons.

    • Modern and environment friendly
    • Low-emission & reduced fuel consumption
    • More efficient
    • Safer

  • Liebherr R 944 VH-HD (2008) Litronic is an ultramodern long-reach demolition excavator suitable for demolition of higher buildings and structures. The demolition attachment can be easily changed for a backhoe attachment if long reach isn't needed. The excavator has all necessary add-on equipment and we've paid special attention in working safety by investing in extra shields and VH-HD undercarriage which provides extra working stability.

    Liebherr R 944 VH-HD (2008) Litronic:

    • Demolition attachment 23m
    • Backhoe attachment 13m
    • Cab tiltable 30 degrees
    • Adjustable undercarriage for extra stability
    • NPK U31J/JR pulverizer
    • Arden S2301 demolition grab
    • Globram multiprosessor with concrete and steel shears

  • Liebherr R 946 LC vm. 2014 and 2012 excavators with all add-ons.

    It's modern and uses environment friendly technology.

    Liebherr R 946 LC

    • Low-emission & reduced fuel consumption
    • More efficient
    • Safer

  • Liebherr R 944 C HDSL

  • Liebherr R 934 C HDSL

  • The most advanced remote control demolition robot on the market; comes equipped with breaker, shears and bucket.

  • Depending on the site, moveable and stationary pulverizers are used to crush concrete as well as to separate rebar from concrete.

    • Demarec DRP-60 ja DRP-40
    • NPK U31JR 2 kpl
    • Trevibenne FR35RD 2 kpl
    • FR25RD

  • The best equipment for demolishing a silo, no need for hot work. All silos from small to large. The machine can be fitted with concrete and metal shears to cut through beams and rails.

  • The crushing and handling grab is a multifunctional tool for all phases of demolition, such as when breaking up structures and sorting and loading materials.

  • Hydraulic hammers as especially suited for chiselling concrete and frozen ground. At the momen we are using GB600EL, GB14 and Globram - hydraylic hammers.

  • An excellent tool when you want to remove even the smallest metal fragments and wires from demolished concrete.

  • Concrete shears fitted to a multiprocessor are ideal for cutting through concrete pillars and beams, and metal shears are prefect for cutting through steel sheets, pipes, beams and wires.

  • The fastest and most efficient machine for breaking up concrete. Especially well suited for demolishing and disintegrating various steel concrete structures.