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Quality and Environmental Policy

Certified demolition, recycling expertise and environmental care

High-quality demolition and recycling lie at the core of our competence and when these are combined in the right way, the result is a cleaner environment. 

To guarantee our high quality and environmentally friendly operations, Inspecta Finland has granted us official ISO 9001:2000 quality management and ISO 14001:2004 environmental management certification. Purkupiha has also been granted the Construction Quality Association RALA certification of competence, which embraces demolition that involves difficult, normal and hazardous materials.

We constantly improve our operations with the aim of achieving a cleaner future. We actively promote the utilization of concrete and bricks in earthworks. We annually recycle tens of thousands of tons of concrete that can be used in building roads, streets, yards and foundations. Nowadays, it is sufficient simply to notify the environment centre that crushed concrete is being used in earthworks, as long as the crushed concrete has been processed to the correct grain size and the specific requirements for the use of the material have been met.

As a recycling company, we stand at the forefront of ecological thinking – we endeavour to keep all the materials we demolish intact for possible recycling. This reusable material is sold onwards or we utilize it in our own ecological building projects. All the waste generated during demolition is sorted at the demolition site before it is actually recycled. Join us in recycling – let’s join forces to reduce step by step the human ecological footprint.