Industrial demolition work

Purkupiha has extensive experience in all kinds of demolition works in various industrial settings. Our demolition projects have taken place in factories of explosive materials, chemical factories, paper mills, and oil refineries, each of which set their own particular demands for the demolition project.

We always consider the safety and quality regulations as well as the special features of each industrial site in our projects, adjusting our production system for each project. We dismantle containers, machinery and boilers, as well as handle all other industrial demolition projects, such as metal and steel element and pipeline demolition projects, with expertise and experience.

Our operations cover all demolition operations in industrial settings, including concrete structure demolitions, such as chipping and powdering using Brokk demolition robots, and diamond sawing and drilling. When the demolition project is finished, Purkupiha also handles the recycling of all of the scrap metal and other waste from the project, according to the relevant regulations.