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Scrap purchasing and building material recycling

Recycling metal is a large part of Purkupiha Oy’s business operations: approximately a quarter of our turnover comes from scrap trading. We buy and sell scrap metal throughout Finland.

In addition to recycling scrap metal, we aim to reuse other materials from demolition work as much as possible. Purkupiha Oy systematically recycles the building materials in all of its demolition projects, and sells any usable building materials to companies or private individuals, for example through the service. We sell glued laminated beams, sheet metal, steel pipes, steel beams, steel sheets, electrical motors, conveyors, and anything else that can be further utilised. Even in our own construction projects, we aim to use recycled materials as much as possible.

Purkupiha Oy supports sustainable construction. We always use recycled materials as far as it is reasonable, without compromising the quality of construction. If you are interested in our operations, please contact us for more information. Purkupiha Oy has built an industrial hall of 2,000 m2 for its own use, in which recycled materials were used.