We carry out asbestos removal and other demanding demolitions involving hazardous materials in a reliable manner. We provide asbestos work for your project with more than 20 years of experience.

Prior to the actual asbestos removal, an asbestos survey should be carried out on the site. A demolition plan and a safety plan for the occupational safety authority are prepared based on this survey. The methods used in the removal of asbestos include compartmentation, a demolition bag or local extraction, preventing other persons working in the work environment and the work environment from being exposed to asbestos dust.

Once the asbestos removal has been carried out, the removed asbestos waste is packaged and transported properly and safely to the waste treatment plant. After the asbestos removal work, a statutory air measurement is performed in the space to ensure that it has been carefully cleaned of asbestos and materials containing asbestos.

Work involving hazardous materials is carried out by the Purkupiha Group’s subsidiary, Purkupiha Asbestityöt Oy (former Dammega Oy). In addition to asbestos removal work, we also carry out other demolitions involving hazardous materials, such as demolitions of materials containing mould, creosote or heavy metals.

Asbestos removal work in Finland

Asbestos is a building material commonly used in Finland from the 1920s to the 1990s. Materials containing asbestos were used in the construction of most buildings built before 1990. Materials containing asbestos have not been manufactured in Finland since 1988, but the actual ban on sales and use did not take effect until 1994. Practically every building from the specified time period contains asbestos in some form as asbestos has been widely used in building materials. The most common applications for asbestos were pipe insulation, floor and ceiling materials as well as building products, such as fillers, adhesives and paints.

If you suspect that asbestos has been used in your building, please contact us. We will help you figure out the best way to proceed with your project and carry out asbestos work in a reliable manner. Also see our references.

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