Purkupiha has solid experience in demolition work carried out in various industrial environments. We have carried out projects at, for example, explosives plants, chemical plants, paper mills and oil refinery areas.

We take the individual safety and quality regulations as well as special features of each industrial site into account in our projects and adapt our own operating system on a case-by-case basis for each demolition.

Industrial demolition

All kinds of industrial demolition work, such as demolition of tanks, machines, boilers, metal and steel elements as well as pipelines, is carried out by us with solid expertise and experience.

Our operations include all demolition taking place in an industrial environment, such as the demolition, chiselling and pulverising of concrete structures with Brokk demolition robots as well as diamond cutting and drilling.

Iron scrap and other waste generated is sorted right at the demolition site. The recycling rate for metals is 100% and no scrap goes to the landfill.

Demolition of tanks

Purkupiha Oy has carried out demolitions of tanks with experience from up to one hundred demolished tanks. Purkupiha’s customers include, among others, refineries, ports, petrol stations and industrial sites. 

Purkupiha Oy plans and implements the demolitions of large industrial tanks using a special tank cutter mounted on the multiprocessor of an excavator. This allows tanks to be demolished completely without hot work.

We also disassemble smaller oil tanks used in households, for example. The maintenance and cleaning of household oil tanks should always be left to the professionals, as the maintenance work is largely subject to licence.

Demolition of industrial machines

Purkupiha Oy carries out the demolition of machines and equipment in an industrial environment from planning to implementation. The demolition of machines can also be carried out so that they can be reassembled, if necessary. The materials from demolished machines are properly sorted and recycled, following regulations. 

Industrial demolitions and Brokk jobs

Purkupiha carries out the demolitions of all metal and steel elements as well as pipelines with solid expertise. This includes all demolition taking place in industrial environments. We take care of all metal recycling associated with demolitions in accordance with the relevant regulations.

We also carry out all demolition of concrete structures taking place in an industrial environment, such as chiselling and pulverising with Brokk demolition robots as well as diamond cutting and drilling. We have experience in industrial demolitions at explosives plants, chemical plants and paper mills as well as oil refinery areas.

Boilers and heating plants

Purkupiha carries out demolition and recycling of heating plants and boilers with experience from several demolition projects of larger boiler plants.

The resulting demolition materials are sorted by material and properly recycled for reuse following regulations. The demolition of boilers and heating plants is demanding work that should always be entrusted to an experienced demolition contractor.

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