We implement circular economy by, for example, increasing the processing degree of waste and promoting the reuse of reusable building components obtained from demolition sites. The reception and processing of waste takes place at our two recycling stations in Lahti and Vantaa, where we process, among other things, construction waste, concrete and wood. We process demolition and construction waste into recycled fuel for the energy industry and concrete waste into recycled aggregate for earthworks. We also buy and sell scrap metal.

Purkupiha’s recycling stations accept construction waste, concrete waste and metal scrap.

Demolition waste price list 2019 at the Lahti station.
The price list of the Vantaa recycling station will be published in April. Until then, we accept waste based on separate agreement.

On our crushing line, energy waste, wood waste and demolition waste are processed into environmentally friendly recycled fuel for power plants. Using the recycled fuel processed by us, power plants are able to produce over 30,000 MWh of energy per year. This is the equivalent of the average annual energy production of more than 20 medium-sized wind power plants.

The concrete and brick waste that is received is processed into Demorock® crushed concrete, which is sold at the plants at an affordable price to be used in earthworks.

In addition to recycling, we strive to reuse materials as widely as possible. We carry out systematic recycling of building materials at both our recycling plant and all our demolition sites. We sell reusable machines, equipment and building materials to both companies and individuals through our purkutori.fi service.

We accept both small loads and large batches of the fractions mentioned above. In addition to a floor scale, our plant has a 24-metre long weigh bridge that can be used to conveniently weigh vehicles of all lengths at once, from a car trailer to a full trailer combination truck.

Recycle with us – together, let’s reduce the human ecological footprint step by step.

Lahti recycling plant

Meisselikatu 9 (see map)
FI-15700 Lahti
tel. +358 40 195 9971
Mon–Fri 7 am–4 pm

Our Lahti treatment plant for recycled materials is located in Jokimaa, Lahti. We accept the following fractions:

  • All metal scrap, non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminium, RST, etc.
  • Wood waste, twigs and stumps
  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Concrete and brick waste
  • Energy waste

Purkupiha has also strived to use recycled materials in its own construction projects to the extent possible at each site. The buildings of the Lahti recycling plant have been built using mainly recycled building materials.

Vantaa recycling plant

Degermosantie (see map)
FI-01760 Vantaa
By agreement, tel. +358 40 195 9971

The Vantaa recycling station has limited opening hours. Construction work of a hall is underway at the station.  During the construction phase, we accept separately agreed fractions of construction waste by separate agreement.

The hall is expected to be completed at the end of April.

After the construction phase, the recycling plant at Degermosantie will accept, for example, construction waste, metal scrap, wood, energy waste as well as concrete and brick waste.

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Kimmo Rinne
Head of Recycling Unit

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Täytettävä jos haluatte laskun verkkolaskuna

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